About Us


We take pride in providing you with the absolute highest level of customer service and support time and time again!

In 1971, Auto Wash Supply & Engineering Company was founded as a small shop offering service, and parts to the local Kansas City car washes. Auto Wash Supply soon became known for its KWIKI Car Wash Systems which were an industry leader of their time, and are still remain running strong across the midwest today. Over 40 years later we are still a family owned business that takes pride in offering you the highest quality car wash equipment, parts, accessories, service, installations, chemicals, soap, supplies, and customer support possible for almost all self-serve, automatic, and tunnel car washes on the market today!

Whether you are an existing car wash owner or a new to the car wash industry, looking to build, buy, or renovate a car wash, one of our friendly customer representatives will gladly assist you in any way that we can to ensure you have the highest quality customer care and support in finding what you need at the lowest prices possible!

Contact us today, as we look forward to serving you and your car wash needs! 

Greg Garrison & Family